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Types of BBQ Sauce

Common Types of BBQ SauceBefore ketchup: Light Tomato BBQ Sauce

Ketchup was created out of BBQ sauce. Having Vinegar and pepper BBQ sauce and add ketchup or tomato paste will result to a Light Tomato BBQ Sauce. Ketchup is still better to use than just tomato paste since ketchup already has some spices in it, adding the Vinegar and Pepper sauce in it will bring out all the flavours that will make your mouth water. Of course, since this is “Light” tomato sauce, there is also a “Heavy” tomato sauce.

The German Influence: Mustard BBQ Sauce

It was the Germans who brought Mustard to BBQ in the 18th century. They brought it with them to the Carolinas. It has a tangy flavour with a hint of sweet molasses and brown sugar. There are some mustard sauces that are incorporated with beer. So choosing the right beer is essential. It should not be too bitter so that the natural flavours of the ingredients will come out. You have to let the sauce marinate in itself to let the flavours mature. Sauces are sometimes added in the meat after it is cooked and sometimes while it is cooking.

Modern BBQ Sauce: Heavy Tomato BBQ Sauce 

When BBQ sauce comes to mind, a thick, sweet tomato paste is usually what you’ll get. These sauces are the common BBQ sauce of today. Kraft, KC Masterpiece and Hunts are some of the producers of these BBQ sauces. BBQ purists scoff at these commercialized sauces. They still want theirs made from scratch. Molasses and sugar are some of the ingredients of these BBQ sauces. Other ingredients are also present.

Cooking it Old School: Vinegar and Pepper Sauce

Vinegar and Pepper are the 2 main ingredients of BBQ. The first BBQ sauce is made of just Vinegar and pepper. It was made centuries ago. It is the most basic BBQ sauce. Other ingredients were later added like apple cider vinegar, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, and salt. BBQ sauce can double as a marinade that is brushed on the meat  in the last hour of cooking. This is to prevent burnt sugar but just enough to caramelize it. Some people just add the sauce only after the meat has been cooked. It is actually best to leave the BBQ in the sauce for a couple of hours and let it marinade.

Oriental Style: Asian BBQ Sauces

BBQ has even reached Asia. A lot of variations in the sauces have come up too. A base for a lot of dishes, Hoisin sauce  is quite popular in the Chinese cuisine and is used also in the  Chinese-style BBQ. Tandoori chicken requires a different sauce that is yoghurt based that came from India. Teriyaki sauce on the other hand is the BBQ sauce for Japanese. It is called tare in Japan. It is a sweet soy sauce that is used to marinate vegetables and meats. Basting their dishes with is makes it teriyaki-style (Japanese grill technique).

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