Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is run by Sprint and targeted primarily toward the youth and budget markets. The emphasis is on the plan having no hidden fees, and the pricing is competitive — the monthly unlimited plan costs just $50 per month, for example. On top of that, subscribers to this plan get unlimited wireless web use, nationwide walkie-talkie (that annoying feature you hear sometimes and have to listen to someone else’s conversation) and or course, free mobile-to-mobile.

The Boost Mobile Monthly prepaid plan may not boast a network like that of Straight Talk (from TracFone), but it has a sufficient one. Consider also that you get limitless wireless web for web surfing, so if you use your cell phone to access the internet quite frequently, this could be a good thing for you. The walkie-talkie option is another free option that comes with this cheap Boost Mobile cell phone plan.

Cell phone plans available with Boost Mobile:

  • Pay As You Go — All calls and text messages (including international texting) are 10¢/min. Picture, audio and video messages are 25¢/message. Mobile web is 35¢/day for unlimited usage, nationwide Walkie-Talkie within the Boost/Nextel network is $1/day for unlimited calls.
  • Daily Chat&Text ($1/day) — $1/day for unlimited Night&Weekend calls (9pm to 7am). Daytime airtime is 10¢/minute. Unlimited anytime calls to Boost and Sprint Nextel subscribers. Unlimited nationwide text messaging. Received international texts are also free, 10¢/message to send. 25¢/message for audio, video and picture messaging. 35¢/day for unlimited mobile web. $1/day for unlimited in network Walkie-Talkie communication.
  • Monthly Unlimited ($50/month) — Unlimited anytime nationwide calls in any network mobile or fixed (voicemail included), unlimited text, audio, video and picture messages, unlimited Boost Mobile Walkie Talkie calls, unlimited Mobile Web, international text messages are free to receive and 10¢/message to send.

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