Frigidaire Dehumidifiers

Frigidaire – 50 pints dehumidifier


Feel at ease with this 50 pints dehumidifier that has a 12 hours timer for a safe operation and a 2 speeds fan for a convenient control of humidity.

This 2.1 pints/hour FAD504DUD dehumidifier reduces humidity in the air so you will really feel comfortable. It has easy to operate controls with a 2 speeds fan and a slide in antibacterial filter  very easy to access. The filter indicator light warns you when it must be replaced.

The FAD504DUD dehumidifier also has a security automatic off that helps you to keep your house safe. The low temperature operation makes unit work at a safe temperature.

The front removable bucket enables an easy emptying. You can use the timer for a predetermined operation and a lower energy consumption.

Pint dehumidifier


This ENERGY START certified dehumidifier consumes less energy and makes you save money. The anti bacteria filter of the FAD704TDP eliminates allergens and dangerous bacteria. You can control the exact humidity level in your room. It is a continuous operation device that must have a suitable drainage. All the functions of the FAD704TDPare electronically controlled, it has an easy to access collect container with an indicator level and a washable filter that eliminates humidity and particles in the air. The built in wheels allow you to move the unit very easily.

Portable 50 pints dehumidifier – 24 liters a day


You can improve your home environment protecting your house from mold and fungus caused by the humidity excess. The FAD504TDD also helps to eliminate bacteria in the air that can affect breathing.

This humidifier is ideal to solve humidity related problems in houses, rooms, closets, offices, shops, stores, labs, etc. It helps to prevent fungus and mold from growing and to combat bacteria.

Ready Select TM controls of the FAD504TDD feature an easy selection of the options, you just have to touch a button. The Effortless cleaning filter cleans the air, removing allergens and dangerous bacteria. You can save energy and money, the unit operates at a low temperature, thus using less energy and less money. The family environment improves as the house is protected against mold and fungus caused by the excess of humidity. The unit automatically turns off when the water tank is almos full with the Effortless TM automatic close.

The smells will be fresher thanks to the washable filter that keeps the air clean. Besides, it prevents odors coming from mold, fungus and bacteria. The Effortless full tank alert system lets you know when your water tank is reaching full capacity and it is moment to empty the water bucket.

The water bucket of the FAD504TDD is located in the front part of the unit for an easy access, while the transport handle and the anti splash protection enable you to empty the bucket without problems.

The SpaceWise TM design features wheels and top and side handles for an easy movement of the unit from one room to another. The recommended coverage area is of up to 125 square meters (closed area, maximum height of 3 mts.)

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