Grilling Guide

Fire Up the Outdoor Grill

There is little else more brawny than to cook on an outdoor grill. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay uses an outdoor grill to cook up some delicious food for the eating. Most men and women just love their outdoor grill. So much so, by the way, that the sophisticated, high end designer stone grilling station is replacing traditional wood decks on newer homes.

Grilling outdoors has become a hot hobby. Cooking on the outdoor grill is an American pastime. Once, you mostly grilled outdoors in the spring and summer months.  Not anymore. Regardless of the weather, folks grill outdoors anytime. Go to a college football tailgate, in the dead of winter, and it is guaranteed that you will see multiples of outdoor grills.

There are outdoor grilling championships all over the United States where the winner takes home prize money and/or a trophy and most important of all bragging rights.  Being able to brag about your barbeque is a hog-heaven thing.

Outdoor grills can be charcoal or electric. There are definitely divided camps among the two. The sway is that “real men” use charcoal. The smokey flavor that you get from a wood charcoal outdoor grill is unique.  It is one that cannot be matched by the liquid smoke sold in a bottle.  Then there are others who like the ease of use and quick cooking from an electric outdoor grill.  All you have to do with an electric grill is lignite the burners and get to cooking.

Outdoor grills date back to the cave man it seems. No, seriously fire cooking, which is simply all that an outdoor grill does, dates back some years. As soon as fire was discovered, man began to cook his meat on what is now viewed as a crude outdoor grill. The evolution of the outdoor grill continues even today with American companies such as Weber, Green Egg, Jenn-Air, or high end professional grills from Lynx. It has been said that once you get the grill fever, you fire up your outdoor grill whenever, whatever the weather time you want to.

The costs of outdoor grills can range from a Wal-Mart economy price of thirty plus dollars to the Maserati expense of thousands. You can trick out the outdoor grill with burners and cooking stations. Some grillers make their outdoor grill an enviable outdoor bar/kitchen area and rarely spare any cost.

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