Kitchen Dining Sets

Kitchen dining sets consist of a table of varying size and shape and different numbers of chairs. A three-piece set, for example, usually consists of a small café-style table and two chairs. A five-piece set has a larger table and four chairs to allow family dining. Larger groups may require a seven-piece kitchen dining set — that is, a table with six chairs around it. Kitchen dining sets can be made of various materials, ranging from low-cost plastic examples to elaborate hardwood designs.

Plastic furniture is obviously at the bottom end of the market, but offers durability and requires no maintenance. Pine furniture is some of the cheapest wooden furniture available, but can be very attractive in the right circumstances. It will require sealing if you want it to last — and without sealing, it will pick up stains very quickly.

Pine and other woods will needed to be sanded down and resealed every few years to keep them looking at their best. Hardwood tables and chairs can look excellent in almost any setting, but they’re heavier, pricier, and more demanding in terms of maintenance.

Metal kitchen dining sets are also an option. Metal requires little maintenance if used indoors and can be fairly cheap compared to hardwood. The furniture will be quite heavy if the metal is steel or wrought iron; aluminum is far lighter and requires even less maintenance as it’s invulnerable to rust and corrosion.

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