New TV Technologies

This is the best thing that has happened since HDTV.

Microsoft, Verizon and AT&T have a new innovation that will surely blow you away. They are studying and in some parts already testing a new technology that will once again revolutionize the way we watch TV Getting your high-definition shows faster and better than before: through fiber-optic connections.

new tv technologyThese new exciting innovations are:

  • IPTV: Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung and Motorola are all trying to improve television viewing forever. With the help of phone companies with internet broadband connection, IPTV will deliver better television channels in high-definition. There will also other video on demand that will be offered together with the service.
  • Fios: Verizon Wireless has a new project that involves fiber-optic technology that will revolutionize TV viewing. With the help of fiber-optic networks, Verizon will be able to provide high-definition cable TV to different parts of the country. These fiber-optic lines can be used for internet service as well as cable TV and DVRs. Cable boxes will be obsolete due to these fiber-optic lines.
  • U-verse: A lot like FIOS, AT&T has researched its own internet-based cable TV. With fiber-optic lines, cable TV will be delivered. The best thing about is, you only get what you want. No extra channels that you do not really need. Customization at its finest. Increased bandwidth will allow better functions like recording 4-5 shows at the same time.

This innovation in television will widen our perspective of everything. Internet television will make more jobs and opportunities for growth especially in technology. This will make way for a new market and new innovations will arise from it. Right now, cable and satellite TV reign the airwaves. In the future, fiber-optic internet television will.

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