Octobo and The Great Letter Search

Octobo and The Great Letter Search Interactive Storykit Ages 3 and up

  • Boost memory
  • Acquire vocabulary
  • Learn the alphabet and phonetics
  • Exercise fine and gross motor skills

Reading habits are important for a child’s education. A good way to introduce reading to toddlers is through games. Interactive books are a fun way to keep young children engaged in a story and work on other areas of the brain while they learn to read. It is a fun way to learn to identify the letters of the alphabet and how they sound. Octobo and The Great Letter Search Interactive Storykit is one of the many interactive story book kits design to make reading a fun experience. These types of books turn reading into games that help keep the mind active. Children enjoy the scavenger like quality to these types of books while parents and educators focus on the educational element.

A benefit of learning to read from a young age is that reading is a way to exercise the memory. Combining technology with hands-on learning tools, Octobo and The Great Letter Search Interactive Storykit and similar toys are great way to boosting memory retention and help to keep the mind active. Stimulating a child’s imagination and critical thinking, reading activities are essential for learning. Furthermore, interactive reading toys are entertaining way for children to work on their vocabulary while playing. Octobo and The Great Letter Search Interactive Storykit and similar toys help by using hands-on vocabulary exercises to help a child learn. Interactive story books help children’s vocabulary to grow by highlighting words in the story. Every time the child hears or reads the word, they recognize the term and latter can apply to their vernacular.

Octobo and The Great Letter Search Interactive Storykit and other interactive story books transform reading from a passive activity to an active hobby. Children work on their gross and fine motor skills while interacting with the stories. These types of books require their readers to respond to the stories by doing some type of physical activity. Picking up toys, pushing buttons, jumping, or even singing are some of the activities that can be found in interactive books. Depending on the book a child enhances dexterity and hand-eye coordination as well. This is a great way to have children be part in the story transforming the reading experience into a group exercise. Every reader can be participant to the physical activity. Everyone can enjoy the story!





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